Company Website

The project objective was to update our several years old corporate website from something quite technical and static to a more end-user centric and dynamic experience. At the same time to refresh the brand style.

It all started with investigation into the target audience, personas and roles of users visiting the website. Our products are typically searched by Product Managers, Business Development, Connected Car Strategists and Executives. Our content needed to resonate with them and help them into the sales funnel.


We remapped all the content we had and restructured into a new menu structure with all the pages that were needed to provide information about our products and services. We planned the move from pure HTML to a WordPress solution so that non-technical users could admin and update the site.

At the same time, the team experimented with new visual styles. We looked at OEM and competitor sites to see where we could differentiate and stand out. Each style was rated for excitement and legibility, alongside the effort needed to create assets. The proposals were reviewed and approved by the Board.

Once the structure, style and content was agreed and approved, the redesign of the site started in Figma. First with wireframes and prototypes approved frequently, then more and more fidelity.

The design team created a style kit to make sure all the content was and continues to be visually aligned through the site. They then worked with the front-end developer to engineer the new site. 

It’s been designed to maximise lead generation, allow for frequent content additions, provide hooks and easy CTAs.

A new company logo and corporate font were also introduced. To complete the task the new design language was carried forward into our corporate presentations.

Analytics were added to every page so that the Marketing team could create and track KPIs for important metrics such as site visits, content consumption and where sessions were coming from. This all helped us to increase our MQL and SQLs and ultimately lead to more sales.