VR Future experience demo

How do you show a new HMI concept when it’s not possible to build it into a real vehicle or test it on a road?


We built a VR prototype of potential new vehicle interactions which enabled us to get stakeholder buy-in for a series of new use-cases. 

The model was built in Rhino which gave us the ability to define the screen sizes,  positions and overall vehicle UX including adjustable seat positions and cabin lighting strips.

It was then rendered in Keyshot to test materials and decide the final interior trim. We aimed for a reductionist Scandinavian approach to the CMF.


The UX was developed in Unity and was configured for 2 modes – morning commute to work and relaxed evening drive.


The demo was shown at our company demo day to the Exec team and company colleagues. Many of the concepts in the demo have gone forward to the roadmap use-case catalog for Model year 2025 and beyond.

Watch the interactive VR demo here: