Intelligent Vehicle UX

How to make a vehicle that learns your behaviour and then functions proactively to assist you and make your driving safer and more fun? 

We studied users around the world to find out their major painpoints, their preferences for infotainment and the way they used their vehicles alone and with passengers.

The interaction logic for the vehicle was a critical factor to establish where software activity was to be surfaced to the user. Eyes on the road and speed of action were the critical elements governing the experience.

The experience flow and interactions for the product was crafted and prototyped in card, on the bench and then digitally. Our team built a fully driveable simulator to enable us to test new UX on real users in the safety of the lab, before deploying to the development team for integration to the vehicle.

We worked with our software engineers to create a fully mature and operational machine-learning framework and in-vehicle HMI. This MVP was then focused-grouped with end-users in Japan, the US and Europe to improve and modify the experience.

The vehicles are now in the hands of the Sales and Product team and have been demonstrated to many vehicle OEMs and at trade shows around the world.

The full Intelligent Vehicle UX can be seen here: