Fleet Management - a new product introduction

Looking to expand our core technology into a new revenue domain, I was tasked to create a product initiative around Fleet Management. This business uses many connected vehicle components and similar optimization use-cases that were already developed. To start, the team deep-dived with a thorough market analysis including competitor analysis and business canvas modelling of pains & jobs to be done.

I planned and carried out a multi-region research questionnaire with Fleet Managers to find out their strategic priorities, key day-to-day activities and current painpoints. We also canvassed opinion on some new use-cases, including excitement, propensity to pay and how much could we expect customers to pay for these.

Based on this information, the design team was tasked to wireframe our new SaaS product and went into an iterative process of improvement with feedback from stakeholders, technical teams and customers. 

We built a functioning PoC of selected use-cases that used real fleet data, to prove that our technologies worked and added value.

Showing this PoC to potential customers and partners, it was possible to get opinions and learn how to proceed with design and our development strategy – for example, should it be a stand-alone SaaS product or modules for an existing fleet management marketplace.

It was also important to get out there! We took space at Fleet trade shows, and I designed our our own exhibition stand to market our solutions. The sales and marketing team set up meetings and we demo-ed to potential customers. 

All the learnings went back into the strategic decision-making.

Along the way we picked up our first customer – Kuantic, a French telematics and fleet management company, looking for innovative and predictive applications.

We redesigned their driver and fleet manager app and provided it as a SaaS offering.

What’s next?  A full product roadmap and development plan, including traditional fleet management dashboards, unique BEV use cases and intelligent apps for customers to use as SaaS, white-label or integrations. Watch this space!