Future Mobility Vision

The project objective –  define an future autonomous vision for the brands – targeted at 2030.


The design team researched into future trends, lifestyles and ownership models. Sketches were created of interior and exterior themes based around the principles of autonomy. 

1/10 size clays were created of exteriors for critique and theme selection. Clays were then dressed with dinoc for futher review, scanned into polymodels and rendered in V-Red.


In order to view the CAD models 1:1 scale a parallel AR project was carried out. It involved the construction in the studio of a 6x3m “Musion holographic stage” for full size exterior critiques. 


Completed vision movies and interior / exterior design, with associated engineering feasibility studies and business case.

A Virtual Reality event to showcase the completed properties and user experiences including the first drive-up interior / exterior in Vive.

You can see the final result

of the project here: