In the mid 2000’s I wanted to design and build a product in a completely analog way, so I spent some time learning how to construct classic boats.

I studied the principles of joinery for wooden boat construction, but also the modern methods of GRP and FRP manufacure, such as laying up and vacuum-bagging.

There were no CAD machines or surfacing software, just manual lines drawing and fairing by eye. 

I built a mould for a 12 foot classic “cod boat” , then built the hull which was made from laminated 2mm mahogany strip in a cold-molded structure, 3 layers sandwiched by epoxy. The keel is oak, as are the rubbing strakes.

I fitted the boat inside and out and drew the rigging and sail plan. Sails were then made locally for me. The brasswork was either custom cast or purchased from enthusiast suppliers.

The final product sails energetically and always draws admiring comments whenever she is out on the water.